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7 All-Natural Tips To Clear, Glowing Skin

7 All-Natural Tips To Clear, Glowing Skin

From Doctors to Talk Shows, Why Everyone is Talking About Essential Oils for Skin Care

These skin care tips below are designed to offer superior payoff for a minimal amount of work. Since I've made the decision to take better care of my skin, no matter how busy my days are, I've been so happy with the results. My skin seems lit from within and its tone is so clear and even!

My secret is using natural ingredients which are known for their radiance-boosting and skin clarifying properties. Once I started using these ingredients, which are so easy to find online or in local communities, I noticed results in just a few days…and the advantages kept on coming!

Whether you're a time-strapped single Mom like me, who works a lot of hours and takes care of everything at home, too, or any other type of woman, you'll find that my 7 Natural Tips for Clear, Glowing Skin are the best ways to attain (and retain!) a "model" complexion, without shelling out a fortune for pricey and overhyped skin care products which may be loaded with lab-created chemicals.

1. Make Your Own Face Wash

Some commercial cleansers are really drying. They strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier and this isn't a good thing. The skin may actually produce more oil in order to compensate for what has been stripped away!

In order to access gentle cleansing which is natural and so good for your skin, consider making your own holistic and organic face wash. It's simpler than it seems and I really believe in this fresh and handmade approach.

My personal favorite is an olive oil face oil which I use as a face wash.

2. Create Your Own Toner

I also make my own toner and I adore the formula that I create, because it smells heavenly and (even more importantly!) because it helps to keep my skin clear every day. I use rose oil as the base of my formula and this essential oil definitely soothes my spirit due to its delicious fragrance! It's really a pleasure to make and to use.

  • dilute a couple of drops of rose oil with some coconut oil
  • then apply it to my skin with a cotton bud or pad.
  • It's a fairly rich toner which has the power to act as a spot treatment on blemishes or to give all-over performance. In the summer, when I want a fresher-feeling toner that I can spray on, I add a few drops of Rose Oil to an ounce of Witch Hazel and an ounce of Rose Water.

    3. Whip Up a Holistic Moisturizer

    Even the most acne-prone skin needs moisture. In fact, some people over-dry their skin in a major way and cause even more skin issues. This is the rationale behind creating your own homemade moisturizer for clearer skin!

  • two tablespoons of Jojoba Oil,
  • two tablespoons of sweet almond oil
  • one quarter cup of coconut oil
  • one quarter cup cocoa butter
  • I mix up the ingredients on the stove, via a double boiler, and then add forty drops of Frankincense essential oil after I remove the mixture from heat. Then, I stir everything to a whipped consistency and then store it, covered, in the fridge, until it is solidified. While this mixture does cost a little money to make, it lasts forever and it's great for my skin. You will need only a little in order to cover your whole face and throat.

    4. Create a Soothing Face Mask

    Rosehip oil is so light and dry, so it's not going to trigger breakouts in most people. It's actually a great choice for a homemade face mask ingredient, as long as you add some emollients, too, in order to make the recipe creamier and more pampering.

  • Rosehip face mask
  • mixing two teaspoons of Greek yogurt
  • five drops of organic Rosehip oil
  • teaspoon of honey
  • All of these pure and soothing ingredients work together in order to kill bacteria and smooth the epidermis…in particular, Rosehip essential oil is definitely beneficial as it is anti-oxidant and contains skin-soothing vitamin A.

    5. Drink Chamomile Tea

    What we put into our bodies also has an impact of how our skin looks. This is why a clean diet which is free of processed foods is the ideal! So, go for fresh, organic produce if you can and avoid skin-stressing beverages, such as colas and coffee. If you must indulge, do so in moderation.

    To get optimal hydration without sugar or caffeine, get into the habit of drinking Chamomile Tea nightly. It will help you to sleep and it may also help your skin (it helps mine!), due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    6. Make a Lavender Oil Spot Treatment

    Commercial pimple creams are so harsh and drying. They also tend to smell pretty bad. I get around using these chemical-laden "zit creams" by making my own organic version, which really works like a dream! To do this at home, simply purchase some Lavender essential oil and then place a drop right on top of a pimple. It will dry it out quickly, without causing irritation.

    Lavender essential oil gets high marks from tons of acne sufferers all over the world and I love it, too! If you want to use it all over your face, mix it up with some Argan Oil and apply it as a moisturizer.

    7. Make Sure Your Oils are Absorbing Into Your Skin by Using Bisabolol

    Bisabolol is a component of Chamomile and it's known for its ability to turn back the clock as well as being the gateway ingredient for proper oil absorption. Most products/ingredients don't fully absorb into your skin which actually clogs your pores. Since you're probably interested in looking youthful and fresh, as well as avoiding acne, knowing about this interesting natural ingredient will be very helpful. To find it, choose a Chamomile Essential Oil – you'll discover that Bisabolol is one of the key ingredients. Then, apply it sparingly or add it to "carrier oil", such as Almond Oil, in order to make a face treatment.

    An Even More Effective Tip (For Fastest Results)

    While trying every tip may not be feasible right away, I really believe in the ‘less is more' approach and I find that a simple skincare routine that is safe and all-natural is most important.

    Typically I like to make my own natural skincare remedies as I outlined above but I must share an amazing product that was introduced to me which is all-natural and has been very effective to simplify my routine even further.

    It was actually my neighbour who first told me about this new essential oil formula called Essential Smooth.

    She explained to me that she and her cousin had been searching for reliable all-natural skincare options because their usual products seemed to cause more irritation and dryness and they didn't always have time to whip up an at home recipe. So she and her cousin researched and tried many different "organic" products with poor results until they finally discovered Essential Smooth.

    My neighbour said that this product had powerful essential oil extracts and they could identify all the ingredients simply from the bottle plus the results they noticed were almost immediate with no skin irritation or reactions. After a week they both felt their skin seemed healthier and well hydrated. It had a revived softness and glow they had been seeking without any irritation or dryness and for half the work of the DIY recipes.*

    Now as I said I like to create my own natural skincare solutions so I know exactly what I am putting on my face to keep my skin safe and healthy. But I figured that if Essential Smooth was working for my neighbor and her cousin, who I trusted and I knew had done thorough research and testing to find a quality product, then maybe it could benefit me as well. So I ordered myself a bottle from the Essential Skin Care website, and as soon as it arrived, I began applying it in the mornings to my face, neck and hands.

    Within three days the difference was noticeable.

    I was very impressed with the results. I actually woke up on the third morning and remember thinking "WOW, my skin feels great!" My skin is in pretty good condition because of my regular all natural routine, but it had a noticeable plushness and hydrated feel after applying this product.

    I had to know why this formula works so well, so I did a little more of my own research. It turns out that Essential Smooth utilizes the some of the most powerful essential oils on the planet, many of them I use in my current recipes at home. That's why it worked so quickly to hydrate and rejuvenate my skin. It actually combines many of the benefits of the 7 tips into one super formula!

    Essential Smooth contains:

    These all-natural ingredients come together in a powerful formula that can further simplify your skincare and give you everything you need in one bottle and for a reasonable price.

    I have now been using Essential Smooth regularly in addition to my at home recipes and my skin feels better than ever before. I now tell everyone I know about this product. My friends and family have noticed even more improvement to my skin, and several of them are using Essential Smooth to replace their low quality lotions and oils and treat their seasonal dry skin, stretch marks, age spots and even their old acne scars. This serum is as versatile as it is effective. I absolutely love it!

    Try The Essential Health Line! You’ll love it.