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About us

Our mission is to provide you access to the highest quality all-natural beauty formulations at affordable prices.

We curate all-natural, organic beauty & wellness products - sourcing exotic global ingredients while formulating and manufacturing right here in California.

Our product development begins with the treasured relationships we have with our suppliers. Many of these remote farms are generations old and have been perfecting their craft for centuries.

We search the planet to procure the purest and most potent ingredients and botanicals in order to create products that make a difference to you and the world.

What is our approach to quality? For Essential, that means we source premium all-natural and organic ingredients and craft them into scientifically proven products.

When we use premium, all-natural and organic ingredients in our products, you experience exceptional results. We know that our customers have seen amazing results from the feedback they have provided to us, and we are excited to hear about the changes that you see in yourself when you use our products.

We’re sure that Essential products will bring out the best in you. To prove it, we offer an unconditional 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Love your results or we will offer you a full refund.

We aim to bring you truly high quality products formulated right here in California and sourced from exclusive farms throughout the world, for a fraction of the cost.

This is our commitment to you and we look forward to serving all of your holistic beauty & wellness needs.

Our Product Quality Promise

With two decades of formulating experience, we understand the concerns about side effects and harsh reactions being a concern for many. We know that with pure ingredients and the right formula, a product will be safe, gentle and free of any irritants.

With these concerns in mind, Essential’s full product line is formulated with the purest, most gentle nourishing oils and ingredients possible, while ensuring the exclusion of allergens and irritants that could give an undesired result.

We have precisely hand-picked each ingredient and essential oil from some of the most exclusive suppliers and farms in the world. Each ingredient is proven in clinical studies to have striking noticeable outcomes on it’s given objective. Each of our products are formulated with supporting ingredients that balance and work together to provide highly effective results, quickly.

We search the globe to find the purest and most potent botanicals this planet has to offer. We are passionately committed to providing the highest quality personal care products sourced from the most sought-after ingredients on Earth.